Sat, Nov 18 2017

100th Day: Esther(200th)
Most Recent Benchmark:
Front Squat Max on Aug 4, 2022 (14 days ago)
Partner WOD: CenturyFoundations WOD #3Foundations WOD #5


Partner WOD: Time
With a partner, complete the following:
     100 Jumping Lunges
     100 Pushups
     100 Situps
     100 Burpee Pullups
     100 Goblet Squats (20/10)
     100 Calorie Row (one rower per pair)
Only one partner working at a time.

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TodayAll Time

Jes32:52  Not Rx
Rachel P43:25  Not Rx
Karissa29:39  Not Rx
Tara P44:18  Not Rx
Lezlee36:29  Not Rx
Heather E29:39  Not Rx
Esther36:29  Not Rx
James P43:25  Not Rx
Russell H32:52  Not Rx
Brenda K44:18  Not Rx
Marc31:47  Not Rx
Ashley K31:47  Not Rx

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