Sat, Sep 23 2017

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Front Squat Max on Aug 4, 2022 (14 days ago)
Boot Camp,Partner WOD: BC.057Foundations WOD #3


Boot Camp,Partner WOD: Reps
5 Rounds of 1 minute of each of the following:

Calorie Bike
Run (50 ft counts as one rep)
Calorie Row
Box Jumps/Stepups

Perform this with a partner and add your reps for a score. Both may work at the same time. You may run/row/bike at different rates.

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Britini454 Rx 202
Heather E512 Rx 274
Becky454 Rx 255
Lezlee474 Rx 294
Martha474 Rx 180
Karissa512 Rx 238
Rachel P437 Rx 282
James P437 Rx 155

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