Sat, Jun 24 2017

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Boot Camp,Partner WOD: BC.045Foundations WOD #5


Boot Camp,Partner WOD: Time
With a partner, complete the following:


Medball Cleans
Double Unders or 3x Single Unders
Straight-leg Situps
Box Jumps /Stepups

*start each round with a 200m run or 250m row.

Split reps as evenly as possible except both partners do the run/row at the beginning.

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Kandi23:44 Rx
Brenda K24:43 Rx
Diana30:48 Rx
Lezlee24:43 Rx
Pris30:48 Rx
Rachel P34:02 Rx Dave partner
Zach27:45 Rx
Kelsey c27:45 Rx
Wendy32:07 Rx Aubri Partner
Martha23:44 Rx

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