Thu, Nov 15 2018

Most Recent Benchmark:
Front Squat Max on Aug 4, 2022 (14 days ago)
RowlingPlank LadderMax: Box Jump MaxMax: MAX MINUTE WallBalls


10 Rounds of:
Row 100 meters

Any Meters over or under 100 is the score for that round.
Lowest score after 10 rounds wins.
Re-set rower to 0 after each round.
Minimal rest between rounds.

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Samantha C18 Rx
Kim B61 Rx
Matt Y39 Rx
Lezleedid work Rx
Esther24 Rx
Joely38 Rx
Tara G25  Not Rx
Rachel P48  Not Rx
James P44  Not Rx
Sagar27 Rx
Ethan Tdw Rx

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