Thu, May 10 2018

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Triple TabataBoot Camp: BC.038Max: Box Jump Max

Triple Tabata

Behind the back Snatch-grip Push Jerk (45/33)
Medball Cleans
Burpee Pullups

8 rounds for each exercise (4 min. each).  Score will be total minimum for each exercise.  Individual scores can be posted in comment section.

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Kayla16 Rx 5, 8, 3
Amanda R13 Rx
Andrea16  15#, chin not over bar
Francisco14  PJ form
Brenda K14 Rx 6,5,3
Lezlee14 Rx 6,6,2
Michelle H18 Rx 6,8,4
Martha14 Rx 6,6,2
Danny19 Rx
Roger L14 Rx
Stephine17 Rx
Stephanie12  pullup bar @ top of head
Nikki12 Rx
Rachel P16 Rx 8,5,3

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