Thu, Jan 17 2019

Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 7:00am Half Marathon Row: 13.1 Mile Row
Most Recent Benchmark:
SUNFLOWER TOTAL on Jan 13, 2023 (24 days ago)
Dips 10-3-3-3100 Calorie BikeFresh and CleanMax Minute Handstand Pushups

Dips 10-3-3-3

add weight until you are no longer able to complete 3 reps.

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Roger (90 Rx
Amanda Mcred + yellow Rx
Jennifer Hpurple + red Rx
Matt Y70 Rx
Erica25 Rx
Danny92.5 Rx
Brenda K10 Rx
Kandino band Rx
Kenadeeblack band Rx
Kevin H20 Rx
Jesred band Rx
Russell Hsm purple Rx

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