Tue, Dec 17 2019

Most Recent Benchmark:
1 Mile Run on May 13, 2022 (9 days ago)
EMOM: The CrowMax: Push Jerk MaxBoot Camp: BC.59

The Crow

EMOM: Reps
10min EMOM
3 Devil Press (35/20)
Max Burpees

(score is total burpees)

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Russell H64 Rx
Andrew H30 Rx
Akilah85 Rx
Steve R73 Rx
Jay18  6 rnds
Corey35  #20
Lezlee44 Rx
Michael k27  #20
Guy53  #20
Brenda K45  15#
Marc62 Rx
Tara G41 Rx
Sandy83 Rx
Brooke60  15#
Stephine78 Rx
Clayton S66 Rx
Kenadee32 Rx
Amanda R49 Rx
Erica56  Mod DP, cal bike

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