Thu, Mar 1 2018

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Partner WOD: Climb the Ladder 3Max Minute Box Jumps

Climb the Ladder 3

Partner WOD: Time
Complete the following with a partner for time:
20 Burpees
40 Box Jumps
60 V-ups
80 Lunge Steps
100 Double Unders
1000 m row (one rower per pair)
100 Double Unders
80 Lunge Steps
60 V-ups
40 Box Jumps
20 Burpees
(during Covid partners can use 2 rowers)

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TodayAll Time

Amanda Mc23:05  singles
Jes23:03  singles, knee raises
Russell23:03  singles, bent knee v-up
Ryan J23:05  bent knee v-up
Natasha24:31  singles, knee up on lunges
Karissa23:16  singles
Akilah24:31 Rx
Heather E23:16  singles
Steve R25:39  solo, half v-up/DU
Michelle H14:40  solo did half, singles
Taryn B15:38 Rx
Erica15:38 Rx
Kevin H14:10  Sinlges 1/2 reps solo
Stephine21:41 Rx
Esther19:44  Singles
Marc21:41 Rx
Roger L19:32 Rx
Cassie24:40  stepups, bent knee ups, singles
Nikki24:40  singles
Becky22:39  stepups, bent knee ups, singles
Roger (22:39  incline box burpees, bent knee ups, singles

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