Thu, Aug 17 2017

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Tuck and Jump

Tuck and Jump  
7 Rounds for Time:
25 KBS (Rx: 53/35)/(Rx+:70/53)
10 Tuck Jump
10 Rx: Pull-ups / Rx+:C2B PU

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Chan16:35  50#, jpu
Karissa15:23  25#, jpu
Kevin H40:50 Rx+
Marc26:50  5 rds of Rx+
Jeff L27:40 Rx
Nikki29:54  jumping pu
Jerry26:08  pu attempts
Cheyenne27:35  wall jumps & ring rows
Hillary25:23  pu attempts & 20#
Michelle H15:07  jumping pu 15#
Stephine40:00  6rds of Rx+ -C2B on last round
Kalyn33:44  wall jumps & ring rows
Colt21:44 Rx
Karlee20:00  5 tds
Roger L18:31 Rx
Cruz25:35 Rx
Ian24:20  1/2 pullups
Becky18:47  RR
Britini17:25  RR 15lbs
Rachel P19:39  25lbs/RR
Mark P22:00 Rx
Bruce19:50  RR (10 Swings at 55lbs per Round)
Lezlee18:03  RR/25lbs
Lee18:01  55lbs/35lbs/RR
John H19:10  10/BPU
Matt B18:20  RR/35lbs
Pris15:47  10lbs/RR

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