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Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 7:00am Half Marathon Row: 13.1 Mile Row
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SUNFLOWER TOTAL on Jan 13, 2023 (24 days ago)
My Funny ValentinePush Jerk 10-3-3-3

My Funny Valentine

(Reps, Rx+)
3 rounds for 1 minute each exercise of the following movements with a partner:
    Medball Clean Tosses (20/14)
    Standing Russian Twists (20/14)
    Medball Stepups  (20/14) and (24/20)
    Partner Medball Situps (20/14)

RX+ is woman doing men's weight. Sorry guys not Rx+ for you.

Medball Cleans - stand 6 feet apart (1 mat long ways), one partner performs a medball clean and then passes ball to partner who does the same thing, repeat.

Standing Russian Twists- Partners stand back to back and hand medball to each other.  Switch direction every 10 reps.

Medball Stepups- Alternate with partner passing the ball back and forth with one another.

Medball Situps-both partners perform a full situp and alternate who has the medball by passing ball to each other.

0% 0%

Chan276 Rx
Akilah383 Rx
Karissa338 Rx
Heather E338 Rx
Angie H302 Rx
Natasha302 Rx
Angie H
Steve R356 Rx
Andrea356 Rx+
Lou437 Rx
Brenda K360 Rx+
Nikki293 Rx+
Erica459 Rx
Marc363 Rx
Roger L396 Rx
Brian B339 Rx
Colt437 Rx
Amanda R459 Rx
Stephine363 Rx+
Ryan J402
#14, 20inchbox
Amanda B339 Rx+
Bill360 Rx
Becky400 Rx+
Roger (400 Rx
Joely323 Rx
W/ Ellen
Mitchell381 Rx
W/ Karlee
Karlee381 Rx+
W/ Mitch

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