Mon, Oct 5 2015

Happy Birthday: Brailey
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3 rounds of
[3 minutes work/ 1 minute rest]
200 m run with med ball (20/14)
20 swings with med  ball (20/14)
20 1 arm-presses with med ball (20/14)        
Max rep V-ups with med ball

Post Total V-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Erica40 Rx
Tez27 Rx
Akilah50 Rx
Kevin H12 Rx
Amanda R24  used other hand to brace
Ashleigh17 Rx
Charles28  12#
John Z51 Rx
Amanda Da17 Rx
Andrew H19 Rx
Rob R35 Rx
Brenda K15 Rx
Roger L21 Rx
Cheryl B11 Rx
Matt B24  Not Rx
Srikanth21 Rx
Tara H13  Braced
Tara G32  braced
Chib14 Rx
Josh Ku6 Rx
Marc39 Rx
Roger (36 Rx
Shawn M59 Rx
Gina D12 Rx

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