Thu, Apr 28 2022

Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 7:00am Half Marathon Row: 13.1 Mile Row
Gymversary: Davida(5)
Most Recent Benchmark:
SUNFLOWER TOTAL on Jan 13, 2023 (23 days ago)
Old McDonaldOpen 12.1

Old McDonald

(Weight, Rx+, Rx2)
16 min EMOM

Odd Minutes: 100m Suitcase carry
RX2 35, RX 53, RX+ 70
Even Minutes: MAX Effort Front Squats from Floor (You pick the weight)

Workout starts with Suitcase carry; the weights listed are for both genders.

If raining the suitcase carry inside is 5 laps (only if raining)

Score is total LBS Moved during Even Minutes (45 reps at 100 lbs = 4500lbs)

You cannot change the weight on the bar once the workout starts.

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1st6048 RxLindsay Thu, Apr 28, 2022
2nd5355 RxBeth Thu, Apr 28, 2022
3rd3655 RxRachel P Thu, Apr 28, 2022
1st10915 Rx+Russell H Thu, Apr 28, 2022
2nd9585 Rx+Jesse Thu, Apr 28, 2022
3rd6670 Rx+Christopher Thu, Apr 28, 2022

Russell H10915 Rx+
2laps, 80 air squats
Tim V9,430 Rx+
Ian10,350 Rx+
Jesse9585 Rx+
Lindsay6048 Rx
Jes4648 Rx2
4 rounds Rx
Sherie3445 Rx
Christopher6670 Rx+
Rachel P3655 Rx
Bill5655 Rx
Beth5355 Rx
LexiDid work Rx
Reid5700 Rx+
Lezlee3445 Rx
Cody W8100 Rx

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