Tue, Mar 24 2020

Sat, Feb 11, 2023 at 7:00am Half Marathon Row: 13.1 Mile Row
Happy Birthday: Sherie
Most Recent Benchmark:
SUNFLOWER TOTAL on Jan 13, 2023 (24 days ago)
Quarantine.2Press Max


5 min AMRAP
10 Lunge Steps
10 Pike Pushups

Rest 2 minutes

5 min AMRAP
10 Side Lunges
10 Burpees

Rest 2 minutes

5 min AMRAP
10 Reverse Lunge Steps
10 Pushups

0% 0%

Marc248 Rx
Workout with me on Zoom in the mornings!
Russell H317 Rx
Burpees and pushups on a box
Tara G274
Jamie282 Rx
Keep it up!
140/70/110 kpu
Roger (323 Rx
row for side lunge, knee pushups, pike pushups were bad
Amanda R239 Rx
Sherie284 Rx
Cody W305 Rx
Stephine365 Rx
Corey306 Rx
Kevin H318 Rx
Nikki224 Rx
Steve R302 Rx
20# vest, (100,73,129)
Erica324 Rx
116, 98, 110
Anthony316 Rx
Lexi238 Rx
Kristi252 Rx
I use RX lightly :) Pike-meh
Rachel F299
Knee pu last round, over all pretty terrible form lol

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