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Happy Birthday: Christopher
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FRAN on Sep 14, 2021 (3 days ago)
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10 min EMOM
Odd minutes 4 Hang Squat Clean (95/65)
Situps for rest of the minute
Even minutes 4 Hang Power Snatches (95/65)
Situps for rest of the minute

*Score is the number of total situps

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Erica186 Rx
Brailey83 Rx
Bryce125 Rx
Kandidid work Rx
Camden189  35#
Jes132 Rx
Rachel P132 Rx
Lexidid work  did work
Lezlee94  55#
Marc106 Rx
Sagar65  75#
Stephine116 Rx
Vador124  35#
Guy100  75#
Jessica L70  did work
Christopher66 Rx

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