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(Weight, Main)
After warming up you have 15 minutes at each lift to lift the most weight possible.  

This is a Max Effort of the following three lifts:

Back Squat

*This should wear you out - you shouldn't feel like you have anything left in the tank after this.

Post the total weight for all three lifts.  Post the individual max weights for the lifts in the ''Why not Rx'' section and optionally post the individual weights separately for individual lifts.

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Erica608 Rx
P=98; DL=235; Sq=275
Josh Ku630 Rx
P=120, DL=275, Sq=235
Johanna423 Rx
P=78 DL=190 Sq=155
Matt R725 Rx
P=150 DL=325 SQ=250
Daniel C645 Rx
95 = P 275 = DL & SQ
Kevin H531 Rx
StrictPress 88, Deadlift 258, BackSquat 185.
Jared St519 Rx
D 273 S 173 P 93
Chuck695 Rx
Angie H463 Rx
P=83, dl=200, b=180
Brenda K503 Rx
Amber H319 Rx
Akilah578 Rx
P - 88. D - 305. B - 185.
Crystal311 Rx
Rosie299 Rx
Julie271 Rx
Lou670 Rx
Tara H403 Rx
Taryn B486 Rx
Chib510 Rx
Savannah W465 Rx
65pp 145 bs 255 dl
Becky560 Rx
90 press, 195 squat, 275 deadlift
Stephine373 Rx
Roger (960 Rx
Roger L965 Rx
Marc845 Rx
Amanda R230 Rx
P=75 B=155
Tara G456 Rx
Press 78, Back squat 155, Deadlift 223
Shawn M665 Rx
Mandy394 Rx 14th

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