Sat, Jan 5 2019

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For Time/With a partner
Hand Release Push Ups while partner holds a high plank

Ring Rows while partner hangs from the bar

V-ups while partner squats

Note: Partner may only work while other partner is in the hold. Split reps as evenly as possible. Complete 21 of each exercise before moving on to 15 and so on.

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Erica11:05 Rx
W/ Kandi
Kenadee12:41 Rx
Joely12:41 Rx
Kandi11:05 Rx
Becky7:42 Rx
redid with Roger on 1/12
Becky10:35 Rx
Roger (7:42 Rx
done on 1/12
Guy7:32 Rx
W/ Matt done 1/18
Matt Y7:32 Rx
W/ Guy done on 1/18

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