Thu, Dec 12 2019

100th Day: Ian(200th)
Most Recent Benchmark:
1 Mile Run on May 13, 2022 (9 days ago)
LLLLSkill,Strength: Weighted Pullups 10-3-3-3


50 Pushups
50 Overhead Walking Lunges (25/15)Rx (35/25)Rx+
50 Ring Rows
50 Russian Twists (2 count) (25/15)Rx (35/25)Rx+

At start of every minute:
3 Situps Rx
3 T2B Rx+

Can do movements in any order and any rep scheme. Use plate for OHL and RT.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Beckydid work  not rx
Steve R11:46 Rx+
Lezlee11:56 Rx+
Andrew H11:28 Rx
Clayton S14:43 Rx+
Tara G11:47 Rx
Brian B9:15 Rx
Nikki11:18 Rx
Bill8:49  15#
Noah8:20 Rx
Ian10:26 Rx
Ed11:58 Rx
Amanda B12:15 Rx
Tyler B14:27  15#
Lexi15:28  10lbs
Yashas16:50  15lbs
Cody W14:55 Rx
Davida10:20  AS, 1 arm DBL 35lbs, GHD
Sandy7:27 Rx
Marc14:51 Rx+

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