Thu, Aug 1 2019

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Squat Clean Max on Sep 8, 2022 (18 days ago)
Open 12.1Lateral Handstand Walks (10ft)100 Double Unders for time

Open 12.1

(Reps, Rx2)
7 Minute AMRAP


RX = Burpee to a target 6 inches above standing reach.

RX2 = Burpee not to a target

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Amanda R68 Rx
Corey55 Rx
Becky61 Rx
Brooke90 Rx
Matt Y87 Rx
Esther80 Rx
Erica115 Rx
Guy94 Rx
Clayton S64 Rx
Kyser72 Rx
Kenadee59 Rx
Tim V73 Rx
Roger (91 Rx
Cody W58 Rx
Yashpaul55 Rx
Yashas57 Rx
Ryan A60 Rx
Steve R100 Rx
Kandi93 Rx
Sagar65 Rx

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