Tue, Jun 11 2019

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Bench Press Max on Oct 20, 2022 (40 days ago)
Press 10-3-3-3BC.Medball Dirty 30Unreal (75% of Max Clean and Jerk)Other Results

Press 10-3-3-3


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Erica83 Rx
Corey75 Rx
Russell H165 Rx
Akilah63 Rx
Kandi73 Rx
Jes93 Rx
Guy115 Rx
95, 115 back pain
Tim V155 Rx
Brenda K85 Rx
Sagar83 Rx
Harshavardhan113 Rx
Jessica L63 Rx
no mde ball on sit ups, step ups or run
no med ball on v-ups or step up or run
no med ball, 300 m run
Kevin H83 Rx

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