Thu, May 16 2019

100th Day: Erica(1000th)
Most Recent Benchmark:
Front Squat Max on Aug 4, 2022 (14 days ago)
What a PistolMax: Weighted Dips Max

What a Pistol

3 Rounds 1 minute each

Pistol Squats
Handstand Push ups
Knees 2 Elbows
Superman Rocks

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TodayAll Time

Erica277 Rx
Amanda Mc307  Pole pistol, plate + abmat, knee raises
Steve R206 Rx
Roger (187  to green box w/ 45#+10#
Matt Y215  to green box
Rachel F188  to green box, K2E attempts
Kevin H254 Rx
Brooke221  Box HSPU/ Band Pistol / Knee Raises
Matthew N229  Box HSPU / Band Pistol
Nikki201  Band Pistol/ Knee Raise / Plate HSPU
Kenadee192  Knee Raise Box Pistol Box HSPU
Brenda K192 Rx
Brian B243  Band Pistol
Bill165  Box Pistol
Roger L196  Box Pistol
Ian196  Raised Heel Pistol
Amanda B204  Band Pistol
Sagar214  toe pistol, box hspu, floor K2E
Jessica L218  crate +25#
Harshavardhan244  crate, box hspu, attempts K2E
Lezlee231  crate +45#, 45# + abmat
Joely210  green band, box hspu, floor k2e

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