Thu, Aug 16 2018

Most Recent Benchmark:
1 Mile Run on May 13, 2022 (9 days ago)
HooraySkill,Strength: Weighted Pullups 10-3-3-3Boot Camp: BC.97-A


Buy In: 1000m Row

Rx+=C2B Pull-Up - Rx=Pull-up - RX2=RR
Box Jumps Rx+=30/24 - Rx=24/20 - RX2=SU

Buy Out: 100 Double-Unders

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TodayAll Time

Amanda Mc17:12  singles
Kayla16:47  singles
Francisco20:44  singles, pullups, pulled muscle in neck
Stephine17:58 Rx
Matt Y19:22  singles, 24', pullups
Erica22:15 Rx+ lots of breaks, back slowed me down
Roger (16:05 Rx+
Kevin H20:40 Rx+
Kenadee21:45  singles
Nikki18:16  singles
Brian B19:40 Rx+
Kandi14:50 Rx+
Becky16:07  step ups and bike for DU
Rachel P19:31 Rx+
Martha17:53  Singles
James P21:03  Singles
Lezlee19:26  Singles
Roger L19:56 Rx+
Steve R16:28 Rx+

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