Thu, May 31 2018

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SATCOMStrength: Wall Walkups 5-5-5Boot Camp: BC.64


5 rounds

20 Box Jumps (30/24)
1 18ft Handstand Walk (3 mat length)

*For scaled: Pike position with toes on box.  Handstand
Walk once around the box.  Switch directions each round.

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Kayla10:48  Pike box HS walk
Jaclyn16:44  Step-ups, laid out box HS walk
Erica11:47  HS walk attempts, 2 wrestling mat lengths
Kevin H17:43  mod hsw
Danny11:48  mod hsw
Roger L14:49 Rx
Becky14:50  cal bike for bj, laid out on box hsw
Davida10:45 Rx 30' box
Matt B14:27  box hsw
LouDid Work  did work

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