Wed, Aug 2 2017

100th Day: Kandi
Most Recent Benchmark:
Front Squat Max on Aug 4, 2022 (14 days ago)
Dumbbell FightStrength: Box Squat 10-5-5-5Boot Camp: BC.024Skill,Strength: 800 Meter Run For Time

Dumbbell Fight

3 Rds of:
(One minute each station)

Walking Dumbbell Lunges  (35/20)
Calorie Row
Bent over Row with dumbbell (35/20)
Calorie Bike
Turkish Getups (35/20)

*Score is total reps & calories

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Erica212 Rx
Steve R197 Rx
Heather E210 Rx
Adam P117 Rx
Brenda K157 Rx
Bill164 Rx
Kevin H144 Rx
Lou195 Rx
Amber H168 Rx
Taryn B225 Rx
Kandi201 Rx
Roger L188 Rx
Marc213 Rx
Cassie163 Rx
Michelle H150  not sure of number
Cruz164  20# row
Guy175 Rx
Stephine184 Rx
Hillary142 Rx
Jeff L180 Rx
Lezlee150  10#
Kalyn147  10#
Cheyenne121  20#rows, 10#lunge
John H150  20#
Diana150  10#
Pris131  10#
Lee169  20#row , lunge: 10# Turkish
Becky215 Rx
Amanda R152 Rx

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