Mon, Jun 26 2017

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Squat Clean Max on Jun 20, 2022 (6 days ago)
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10-minute EMOM
Every minute on the minute, do
6 medball cleans (20/14) followed by
Max rep double unders.
(Notes: Score is number of double unders.
RX must do 6 cleans every minute. )

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Karissa47 Rx
Adam P13 Rx
Erica271 Rx
Brenda K181 Rx
Becky133 Rx
Bill163 Rx
Lindsey K222 Rx
Esther6 Rx
Karlee114 Rx
Kevin H61 Rx
Jarod I372 Rx
Michelle H???  didn't count
Amanda R162 Rx
Ian26 Rx
Roger (140  Not Rx
Hillary48  Attempts
Jeff L200  Singles
Roger L419 Rx
Amanda B22 Rx
Brian B27 Rx
Colt334 Rx
Matt B132 Rx
Stephanie17 Rx
Taryn B333 Rx
Kandi470 Rx
Mark P26 Rx
Marc410 Rx
Angie H111 Rx
Steve R88 Rx

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