Wed, Nov 23 2016

Most Recent Benchmark:
Bench Press Max on Oct 20, 2022 (40 days ago)
Open 12.13 Min (Low) Plank Hold3 Min Posterior Plank HoldBack Squat Max

Open 12.1

(Reps, Rx2)
7 Minute AMRAP


RX = Burpee to a target 6 inches above standing reach.

RX2 = Burpee not to a target

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EricaBroke Rx
Akilah96 Rx
Chan71 Rx
Marc98 Rx
Cassie46 Rx
Steve R101 Rx
Shawn M99 Rx
Lou119 Rx
Kevin H77 Rx
Mitchell82 Rx
Taryn B74 Rx
Amanda R73 Rx
Roger L90 Rx
Amber H70 Rx
Karlee84 Rx
Nikki56 Rx

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