Tue, Sep 1 2015

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B. LivelyMax: Push Jerk Max

B. Lively

3 Rounds of

25 Lunges w/ weight overhead (45/25)
20 Tuck Jumps
10 Wallballs (20/14)
5 Handstand Push-ups

100% 0%
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Jared St10:07  #25 / bench pushups
Jerusha Tooley18:48  Hand Stand Holds
Johanna12:44  Negative HSPU
Jen13:21  Not Rx
Erica10:23  hspu w/ 45# on floor
Akilah9:12  Not Rx
Angie H12:20  Not Rx be of push ups. PR 125 push jerks
Savannah W12:55  Not Rx
Josh KuDND  Not Rx
Tez11:27  Not Rx
Andrew H12:13  Not Rx
Marc10:43 Rx
James F14:10  Not Rx
John Z9:05 Rx
Rosie15:19  Not Rx
Shawn M8:47 Rx
Angie G12:04  Not Rx
Kyle J11:40  Not Rx
Amber H12:00  Not Rx
Ashleigh11:33  Not Rx
Grace14:52  Not Rx
Lou9:50 Rx
Srikanth15:12  Not Rx
Tara G12:29  Not Rx: bench
Chib14:10  Not Rx
AnTonia10:50  Not Rx
Amanda R12:17  Not Rx
Mark M17:08  Not Rx
Roger L12:20  Not Rx
Nels15:53  Not Rx 45lb lunge, 20lb WBs, 5xHSPUs on bar in air from rig
Steve R16:38  .

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